Travelling without moving-Devinimsiz seyahat/March 2011-İstanbul

''Kaddafi'' 2011,42,5 x 42,5 cm/cross stitch and plexiglass
''Kaddafi'' 2011,42,5 x 42,5 cm/cross stitch and plexiglass


Travelling without moving-Devinimsiz seyahat

March 2011 İstanbul


I named my first solo show ‘’Travelling without moving’’



As I child I used to travel a lot with my parents and everywhere we went, I would close my eyes for just a moment to try and capture the exact moment of a place with its sound and smell, and try to memorize that perfect moment.


So for the first exhibition (after a major life change I was stuck in Istanbul preparing for that first solo show) I decided that as I couldn’t go anywhere physically, I would let my mind travel as it pleased, and try to memorize the perfect moment as I used to do as a child.


So I used cross-stich as a form of meditation and built my exhibition around the memory of my great aunt in Egypt teaching me embroidery. 


Even as a designer I always thought I was a storyteller. I went with my friend Murat to Syria many years ago and we listened to an old storyteller, known as a hakawati, in a cafe in Damascus, and I realised that he and I were the same: we both loved to tell a story. The hakawati was performing Saladin stories and Baibars legends for the crowds who packed into the historic coffeehouses of old Damascus. 


The idea of travel and the experience of the traveller have deeply interested me since childhood and I was fascinated with post-travel stories and how those stories send the listeners off to virtual travels by capturing their imagination. I also explored in my first show the possibilities of materials such as embroidery, Plexiglas, photography and neon.