Fantastik/March 2013-İstanbul

''Jungle'' 2013-Embroidery and acrylic/68 x 100 cm
''Jungle'' 2013-Embroidery and acrylic/68 x 100 cm


Fantastik 2013-İstanbul 

In my third solo show called “Fantastik”, I treated the subject of humanity being surrounded with intense violence, and how it has come to look unreal yet very accessible and therefore normal due to our age of information.


Where does reality end and fantasy begin? 

For a few years i’ve been working on the meaning,the subtitle of what I see, what I read as a daily information.

İn the heart of the series I created I wanted to concentrate and look beyond,within the phrase, the delusional and unimaginable part of this phenomenon.

This violence is beyond comprehension and it's ugly and yet we get use to it. Can we protect ourselves ?do we have to shut down our brains because we don’t want to get hurt.

The savageness with which we treat the earth and living beings, the lives whose balance we upset, reading and observing the total sacrifice to development but not quite comprehending it.The power games of some brings to other the helplessness,a silent cry.


“Fantastik” is made up of thirteen stories about hidden violence and loneliness. The need for isolation and feelings of loneliness we experience within the extraordinariness of violence. Passive refusal and the instinct to avoid the situation.

Sleeping within the uncertain line between sleep and wakefulness. Bewildering and Fantastik.