Maybe Tomorrow/October 2014-İstanbul

"Maybe Tomorrow"(Belki Yarın) İstanbul

15th of October-1rst of November 2014


The most tranquil and fragrant connection is experienced during the exchange of a flower. Colorful and vivid bouquets, or even a single fresh bud can represent hope, a celebration, a request, a memento, a fresh start, and sometimes, the end. So can withered arrangements and pale sprouts.
In this series, I worked on different hands offering flowers. Drawings, pictures, embroideries, and etamine that depict the various aspects of probably one of the most ancient human ceremonies, the exchange of flowers, searching for the essence of the various gestures during this ritual.
I wanted to revive countless recollections of flower exchanges that have laid dormant in a winter’s sleep, deep inside our memories; with these strong imageries triggering the sensation of touch and smell in our minds.