Four seasons of Solitude/Dört mevsim Yalnızlık


''FOUR SEASONS OF SOLİTUDE''(Dört Mevsim Yalnızlık)



We are all afraid of being alone, and we constantly are looking forward to shut the door and leave the world outside. We are sad that we’ll get lonesome as we get older, yet we have enough of this endless childishness anyway. 

Our solitude is both a trouble that gets harder to bear and an addiction we feel confortable with,we feel at home more and more.


In Four Seasons of Solitude, i recreate the physical version of what’s on my mind:

my playful and tender side mingling with a world full of both melancholy and cheer,a lonely feeling that brings hope. İn this series, i invite people in my imagination so they witness the private life of a loner,the indecision that one has  choosing between sadness and happiness.