''A new world'' /April 2016-İstanbul



A new world-Yeni bir dünya

April 2016-İstanbul


A New World reveals the clues of a story that takes place in near future, in which it is proven that human beings do not deserve to live on earth due to their self-absorbed characters. In the exhibition, the human race who made the world more and more unbearable due to its ambitions and everyday passions, encounters even-tempered wolfs, somber teddy bears, delicate birds and playful rabbits who ran out of patience and want to lay claim to what remained from the planet.


My mixing technique of embroidery with acrylics presents this fairy tale through an personal and naïve language. İn a way I like to express different sentiments through a naive and subtile story, I like to show an imagery that seems childish but when a person look deeper into details they see the story on another level.