Behind the Sun-Güneşin arkasında/May 2017

Behind the Sun/Güneşin arkasında



My elderly relative was told me the story of a belief in Egypt,some people who would be caught by death unprepared would stay in a place called behind the sun.As scary as this sounds, i found peace in this,a feeling of a warmth.

A moment of appreciation

A sparrow perched upon a teacup, a mouse entranced by the smell of the fresh flowers, rusty chairs of the public parks or confetti rains.

Clouds,butterflies and falling leaves are pulled out of the winding sense of nostalgia.

it suddenly reminds me of an Ancient poem, a childhood memory or an early 20th century classic, but with a twist that renders the images fresh and enlivening. 

images that encourage us to fight against the suffocation.As i always do i like to see small details and remember just a particular sound of a bird for instance.Catching moments like this in a world that turns too fast is just luxury.

These images i create are a glimse of these moments,a moment in time that i cherish,sounds,smells,a second which makes life worth living.