Hello Stranger-Paris İnternationale 17-21 Oct.2018


Artist Emel Kurhan is happy to present her new series titled ‘Hello Stranger’

The ’5 o’clock tea time’ ritual where a group of people gather around a table to reminisce their common past and relive the lost time. In those hours spent together we remember everyday repeatedly at the same time and search for a memento.
In remembrence, we bring memories back to light and relive them one more time.
The cake becomes the centerpiece, the subject of this ritual.
The bigger and creamier the cake, the stronger is the remembrance.

Through this new series created for Paris internationale, Emel Kurhan brings back her memories of a childhood spent with her grandmother in Cairo, Egypt and long summer days, during which time passed differently for her as a small child, and especially the time spent with elderly people which faded into boredom but still was the only means to connect with family members.

During those summer vacations, Emel attended sessions of time celebration, which took an hour on a daily basis, around a cup of tea and a cake that helped bring back their common past into light, kept alive the stories repeatedly told, digging deep into common memories, shaping them day in day out, adorned with cakes washed down with cups of tea.

“That French pastry chef Claude was really something” one of the old ladies would say, and “no one does mille feuilles like he did” the other lady would reminisce. Sighs! Vestiges from the past.


L’artiste Emel Kurhan vous invite à découvrir sa nouvelle série intitulée ‘Hello Stranger’
Emel revit à travers cette série, le rituel du thé, un souvenir d’enfance où l’émerveillement et l’ennui à travers les yeux d’une petite fille se transforment en mémoire hors du temps.
Durant son enfance l’artiste, en vacances chez sa grand-mère au Caire , assiste à ces séances de commémoration d’un temps perdu, une après-midi où le souvenir d’un passé apparaît sous forme d’histoires que cette dernière et ses amies racontent,  refaçonnent leur passé glorieux d’un temps révolu.
Ce sont là les vestiges du souvenir de la pâtisserie à la française et du English tea time
Le gateau devient la pièce centrale de cette commémoration
Plus le gateau est garni et prestigieux,plus la gloire est de retour.